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Homemade Whitening cream formula| Formula cream for face whitening

 Whitening cream formula:

     As formula creams are harmful to our skin, when people use them after mixing 3 to 4 creams together they found an instant whitening effect on their faces within a regular use for a month. The most famous creams used to mix in whitening formula creams are Betnovate, Golden pearl cream, Fair and lovely, etc. They all contain a huge amount of steroids, that are harmful to the skin.

 Ok so now I am going to tell you a reasonable and effective method to prepare the formula cream at home:


  1. Golden pearl cream (1 pack)
  2. Fair and Lovely (general size pack)
  3. Golden pearl whitening serum or Biocos serum (1 bottle) as per your choice what you choose
  4. Tibet snow cream (1 jar)
  5. A clean glass plate or bowl 
  6. All ingredients should be well mixed with a spatula or spoon.

1. Golden pearl:

   Golden pearl cream is Pakistani cream. It is the most loved and admirable cream in Pakistani ladies nowadays. It is a formula cream and highly effective after regular usage of 15 to 20 days. With usage for a few days, it makes the skin complexion fair and makes skin soft and glowy. It protects our skin from harmful climate effects. 

2. Fair and lovely cream:

  Fair and lovely is that cream which probably any teenage girl or lady don't hear of... It is an old brand but it works on your skin so well. A girl who just has known the word beauty, she will start her beauty charms fulfill by starting from this cream.

3. Golden pearl whitening serum:

     Golden pearl whitening serum enhances the effectiveness and result of the golden pearl cream. It is found in a small bottle. It comes in a bottle of 3ml. It increases the result and beauty of the cream.

4. Tibet snow whitening cream:  

 Tibet white snow is that cream which all ages of women may know about. It is cream known to be the best way for moisturizing and enhancing the skin complexion and texture in our ancestors' time. It clears our dark spots. It protects our skin from aging signs. It makes our skin soft and subtle. It controls oil and greasiness from our faces.

5. Biocos serum:  

          Biocos is a local  Pakistani brand. It contains a lot of chemicals, gives you an instant glow in just a few days, It has a cream also, you can add serum in it or you can add this serum in this formula as an alternative to golden pearl serum. I will definitely not recommend it as it has a harsh and sharp effect on the skin, definitely not recommended for sensitive skin.

Preparation method:

      Take a glass jar or a bowl. Pour the whole golden pearl cream into the bowl. Add a bottle of 3ml golden pearl serum in it and mix it well. Add 1 tablespoon of Tibet sow white cream and 1 tablespoon of fair and lovely cream. Mix them well until it becomes a great mixture of creams. 

How to apply the mixture?  

        Apply the mixture before going to bed. Wash your face with face wash or soap and pat it dry. Then apply the mixture onto the skin with the help of fingers. Blend it smoothly and that's ok now. Apply this cream mixture regularly at night. You can apply it to your neck also.


  1. Be careful while applying. It should not get into your eyes. If it gets into your eyes then wash off the eyes with cold water immediately.
  2. Wash your hands before applying this mixture to your skin.


All products are for external use only!

Advantages of this formula cream:

  1. It will make your skin glowing and soft.
  2. It will enhance your skin complexion within the use of a month regularly.
  3. It will make your dark spots disappear
  4. It will be prepared at a reasonable price

Disadvantages of this formula cream:

  1. It will be not suitable for sensitive skin.
  2. It is a formula cream so make sure to use it carefully and on your behalf.
  3. It may have some side effects after you quit to use 
  4. It may cause irritation or blemishes on the skin

So, it was a short method to make a formula creams mixture at home by yourself easily. Must try it and give me your feedback. I hope you will like it and share my blog with others.

Thank You!

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